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T.J. Lathrop

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How To Improve Your Track Videos

In-car video is an important tool for any type of on-track driving. Reviewing video footage can help you learn from your mistakes, see where you are leaving time on the table, solicit feedback from coaches and other drivers, and serve as a record for any incidents that occur on the...

TT6 Campaign Update

At the end of the 2021 season, I was considering moving my #74 E30 down from TT5 to TT6, in the hopes of making the car more competitive. My car never fit into TT5 very well: it has always kind of lingered between classes 5 and 6, which at the...

Dissecting: PTG E36 M3

Say the letters "PTG," and any E36 fan will immediately have a mental image. Prototype Technology Group campaigned their BMW-contracted E36 M3 program to great success in the mid-late 1990s. The GT3 class cars featured distinct bodywork, impressive development, and legendary drivers (Bill Auberlen and Boris Said, amongst others). It's...

Friday Nights @ The Track

Friday nights at the track are the best. The whole weekend lies in front of you. Nervousness and excitement mix. The anticipation is high. Your friends are arriving at the track. Friends you haven't seen since the last event 6 weeks ago. The trash talk begins. Everyone has new stuff...

Time Attack: Style and Substance

As an early teenager that was very much looking forward to getting my driver's license and my first car, I was super in to the JDM scene. This was in the early 2000s, so while it was definitely peak The Fast and the Furious days, that isn't what inspired me....

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