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Quality Instruction: A Game of Chance

I recently read a great article by the inimitable Ross Bentley, which highlighted some of the shortcomings of HPDE instruction. As a seasoned instructor and driving coach, Ross included many excellent ideas for better ways to coach and train new drivers. Train the Trainer: Monkeys, Late Apexes & Classroom SessionsWhy do...

Comparing Myself to a National Champion

Sorry for the dramatized title. However, that is exactly what we'll be doing today. Recently, at Roebling Road Raceway, Carlos Mendez and I got to drive the same car, on the same track, in the same conditions. I had the distinct advantage of being the owner of the car and...

Shaking Down The GLTC E90

It's nice to be back after taking August off from RE. Some work was done on the #73 E30 (which is for sale!), but I mainly focused on prepping the E90 for test days and GLTC next year. Sure, the car came to me basically in race-ready condition, but who...

Setup Advice Sucks

Frequently I will come across a vague setup advice question along the lines of: My E36 understeers. How much front camber should I run? A question like this is needlessly restrictive (why camber?) and hard to answer accurately. There are so many missing variables, such as:

RE Year 2: Your Help Needed

Last week's GridLife 2024 announcement marked the 52nd post here on RE. It was the completion of my commitment to do 1 year of weekly posts. I'm ready to keep pushing forward with the site, but before doing so, I want to see if I am on the right path,...

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