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FCP Euro Lifetime Guarantee

I'm pretty surprised by how many conversations I have with people expressing their disbelief about the legitimacy of FCP Euro's Lifetime Guarantee. In fact, to this day, I'm pretty sure that I'm the only one within my circle of car friends that uses the guarantee regularly. In short, FCP Euro...

Deadlines, Urgency, and Motivation: Does Anyone Care?

This week I was going to write a post about goals for 2023, but truthfully, I have never been much of a goal-setter or a New Year's resolution type of person. While I do think that the holidays and the dawning of a new year are a good time to...

Saving R3VLimited

Last week I took part in a conference call about the future of R3VLimited. For those that aren't familiar, R3VLimited is one of the oldest and largest E30 forums left on the internet. As with most forums, it has been dying a slow death, and I for one hate to...

SpecE30 Is Dead

SpecE30 is dead. Long live SpecE30. Alright, so not completely dead, yet. But it's headed that way. Let's discuss why. Availability For the better part of two decades, donor cars were $500-1,000. Not anymore. Clapped out rollers can command $2,500+. Decent running cars seem to start at $4,...

Why is safety such an after-thought?

When I'm at the track, I like to poke around the paddock and check out other cars for inspiration. Sometimes I'm more appalled than inspired. I can't understand why safety is often neglected in race cars. (Note that I am speaking here about dedicated track and race cars; not street/...

Built Not Bought (Is Dumb)

If you've been around cars for any period of time, you've probably heard the phrase "built not bought." You may have even uttered it yourself. It is stated as a point of pride, as if building is the only noble path to owning a cool car, and those that bought...

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