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Dialed Deals: Black Friday for Racers

Happy Thanksgiving y'all. It's time again to highlight Black Friday Sales that are worth your consideration. As usual, there is no funny business here. No affiliate links or paid promotions. It is simply great stuff that we truly believe in. Side note: we've more...

Splurge or Skimp? A track car conundrum.

When building a track or race car, there are a lot potential upgrades that are going to be vying for your time, attention, and perhaps more importantly your money. In the absence of an unlimited budget, you're going to have to prioritize some upgrades over others.

FCP Euro Lifetime Guarantee

I'm pretty surprised by how many conversations I have with people expressing their disbelief about the legitimacy of FCP Euro's Lifetime Guarantee. In fact, to this day, I'm pretty sure that I'm the only one within my circle of car friends that...

BMW Chassis-Mount Shifter Buyer's Guide

What is an OEM-style shifter? On most manual transmission BMWs, the shifter linkage consists of a sub-assembly that includes it's own "carrier", selector rod, and shift lever. In addition, there are some bushings and shims involved to keep things tight. The pivot "cup" and...

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