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Striving to Be an Average Racer

There’s a funny thing about averages. Statistically speaking, half of us are below average. Yet, I think if you ask drivers in any track group and with any level of experience, most of them would tell you that they’re above-average drivers. We know this cannot always be the...

Project Cars and The Human Condition

My very long-time friend, Mike Burroughs of StanceWorks fame, recently posted a video declaring that he hates the nearly-perfect S54 E36 he has owned for 17+ years. This is an E36 that, by all measures, is one of the nicest out there – and it has been for the better part of two decades.

Dialed Deals: Black Friday for Racers

Happy Thanksgiving y'all. It's time again to highlight Black Friday Sales that are worth your consideration. As usual, there is no funny business here. No affiliate links or paid promotions. It is simply great stuff that we truly believe in. Side note: we've more...

Racing & Egos

Racing and large egos go hand in hand. Over the years, I've seen drivers make questionable, sometimes flat-out dangerous moves to gain a position in a low-stakes club race [prototype and GT car tangling 2-wide at 130mph through Bishops Bend; one of them got air-lifted]. I've...

Gridlife iRacers Drop Top Touring Series

Although we're not quite to the racing off-season, Gridlife has been hosting an iRacing sim racing league in which my friends and I have been participating. We're halfway through the four-week series, and each race has been a blast. Just like Gridlife festival tour weekends, each...

Comparing Myself to a National Champion

Sorry for the dramatized title. However, that is exactly what we'll be doing today. Recently, at Roebling Road Raceway, Carlos Mendez and I got to drive the same car, on the same track, in the same conditions. I had the distinct advantage of being the owner of the...

Setup Advice Sucks

Frequently I will come across a vague setup advice question along the lines of: My E36 understeers. How much front camber should I run? A question like this is needlessly restrictive (why camber?) and hard to answer accurately. There are so many missing variables, such as:

Dissecting: BMW Factory WTCC E90

We are in an era where almost all professional race cars are official "factory" cars produced by the marque, as opposed to customer-built creations that started life as showroom production cars. It wasn't that long ago that teams had to build, develop, and campaign their own...

Track Origin Story

I've been a car enthusiast for more than half of my life, but the last decade or so has mostly revolved around the race track. This is the story of how I got started.

On Recognizing Progress

Several nights a week, I feel guilty when I choose to sit on the couch and watch TV, or hop in the sim rig and do some racing, rather than going out in the garage and working on one of my track cars. If you know me you or have...

Sim Racing: 4 Critical Tips

I've been sim racing for 6 months now, and have found it invaluable at honing my skills. Since I don't get to drive on the track as much as I'd like, staying sharp (and even improving) in between events is important. I consider myself...

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